I’m a project manager at a worldwide retailer. I went from knowing nothing about data analysis, coding or project management to being the digital project manager in my current company. I am in charge of the project’s vision and strategies. My team mates are my left hand and right hand only, and we pulled together the resources to make it happen.

Check before ask” is my motto in the office, I always feel uncomfortable with the idea of reaching out to my co-workers for help before seeking the solution by myself first. Set up strategies, execute the plans, analyze data, create KPI dashboard and tools, contact third-party service providers, hire and manage freelancers…all that pushes me to learn new things and tricks to save myself from being overwhelmed.

Some tricks I learnt years ago stand the test of time, I’d finally like to put them in one single place as my own collection as well as to share them out in the hope of being able to make a difference in your office work life.

I’d be happy to learn from you too if you ever have any questions or suggestions about any tricks I posted, I can be contacted at jesslee@alittletrick.com.

Hope to see you around the site!



Jess Lee at alittletrick.com