17 shortcut keys to manipulate workbooks

shortcut keys for excel workbooks

1. Press Ctrl + N to open a new blank workbook

2. Press Ctrl + S to save the current workbook

3. Press Ctrl + F12 to save as the current workbook

4. Press Ctrl + F4 to close the current workbook

5. Press Alt + F4 to exit Excel

6. Press Ctrl + O to open file dialogue box

7. Press Shift + F11 to open a new worksheet

8. Press Alt + E then L to delete the selected worksheet

9. Press Alt + E then M to move or copy the current sheet

10. Press Alt + O then H then R to rename the current sheet

11. Press Ctrl + PgUp to move to the previous worksheet in a workbook

12. Press Ctrl + PgDn to move to the next worksheet in a workbook

13. Press F9 to calculate all worksheets in all open workbooks

14. Press Ctrl + F6 to switch to the next workbook window

15. Press Alt + F11 to open the Microsoft Visual Basic For Applications (VBA) Editor

16. Select a range of worksheets in a workbook:
Select a worksheet, hold Shift then select another worksheet, all the worksheets between these two worksheets are selected

select a range of worksheets

17. Select multiple specific worksheets in a workbook:
Select worksheets by holding Ctrl

select multiple specific worksheets

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